Visit to Saltire Centre – Glasgow

Filed Under (Built Learning Environments) by elearning4bradford on 22-11-2007

On Tuesday I visited the Saltire Centre – Glasgow Caledonian University – to see the much talked about library and learning resource centre facility. It has received much attention in the professional library press for its innovative design features. Despite there being wide knowledge of it in far-flung places – two students standing close to its entrance looked bewildered when I asked them for directions – they had never heard of it.

I was impressed by the scale of the building and its dimensions. The ground level was very busy and a real hub of activity with high noise levels and a lot of student activity. As one moves up the building a calmness descends. The upper floors are used for more serious study. It was refreshing to see many different groups collaborating and engaging; using technology and print-based resources.

The guiding and signage was not great and, as a space, it was not intuitive to use. In terms of moving thinking along, the innovative approach to a learning space coupled with the use of wood, glass and concrete presents a challenge to others to create an engaging learning environment. The recognition that the learning resource centre and the library should be at the core or hub of the accomodation is to be commended.

Saltire Centre - Glasgow
Saltire Centre - Glasgow

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