Belgrade conference on Information Literacy

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At the beginning of October I travelled to Belgrade, Serbia to present a paper on LolliPop the IL programme to this conference:


5 – 7 October 2007

Belgrade, Serbia

Information literacy is a life-long learning process that incorporates the knowledge and skill required to find information, to evaluate information, and to use information effectively.


Critical thinking/evaluation of information

Bibliographic instruction vs. information literacy

Assessment of information literacy

Influence of technology on information literacy

Teaching of information literacy

Access to information: the “have” vs. the “have not”

Economic, legal, ethical, and social aspects of information literacy

Information literacy skills sets: retrieval, use, evaluation, and repackaging

Information beyond Google

Information literacy and lifelong learning

This was an exciting opportunity to learn about issues in Information Literacy in the Balkans, and to demonstrate the work we are doing on Information Literacy here at Bradford College. My host was Aleksandra Vranes Presidant of the Serbian Library Association, I have invited Aleksandra to visit Bradford in March 2008.  The conference website is located here.

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