Talis Alto and Bradford College

Filed Under (General, Technology Reviews) by ronan on 15-07-2010

It is great to see the published Talis Case Study on the excellent work that Lakshmi and Simon have carried out on optimising Bradford College’s library management system. Reading it reminded me of the importance of monitoring workflows in such systems to ensure they remain efficient. Another point worth noting is how the role of the single  ‘systems librarian’ has become outmoded and in its place we have introduced a number of librarians with a good knowledge of the system – the latter being infinitely more preferable. A third aspect has been the willingness of librarians at Bradford to engage in systems reviews through the use of webinars to learn new skills and develop their knowledge. 
Well done to all staff involved in this over the past 18 months it sets us up to reap benefits from future developments.   

Full Case Study available here

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