Filed Under (Technology Reviews) by elearning4bradford on 17-01-2008

This is the latest piece of equipment I am evaluating, the Eee PC is a Mobile Internet Device that offers many of the advantages of mobile computing.

I am particularly interested in how it might work for our learners. It is easy to setup and learning how to use it takes less than 5 minutes. It has excellent Wi-fi connectivity and this is enhanced by its fast operating system – Linux – (there is also an option to install WindowsXP) and 512mb (DDR2) memory. There is no hard-drive. Instead the Eee uses Solid State Disk storage which comes in 4gb or 8gb – it boots very quickly and is pretty shock-proof (although I’ve not tested this!). The 7inche screen has a built-in webcam, excellent audio and its packed with useful applications.

Perhaps the most remarkable feature though is its price – it retails round the £220 mark. Full testing, as part of a wider exercise, for example by a group of 10 students, is planned – findings will be posted here. My findings so far are very positive – it could be a very useful tool for learning.

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