Nokia 770 – Review

Filed Under (Technology Reviews) by elearning4bradford on 24-11-2007

Got this about two months ago from Central Media Services and have been using it to try to test it as a device that could be used by learners. It retails for about £170 so may be viable on some of our courses. It is well supported in software terms for example I downloaded a standard e-book reader in a couple of minutes and was using it effectively to read. The battery life is very good. The screen after some initial effort becomes easy to use although a little small. The navigation is intuitive again after some little time spent getting to grips with the newness and novelty. The sound quality is superb and the built in radio station finder is excellent.

On the downside this device relies on wireless technology to connect to the web – so if you can’t find a hot-spot then you are unable to surf.

Still worth a look – anyone else wishing to evaluate this then contact me and I’ll pass it on to you. To find out more go here