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Here is a link to my Google Scholar Citation Index From this link you can access all my published Editorial pieces for the  Journal Reference Reviews – these were written over a period from 1995 to 2007 during a very interesting time for reference librarians. Also included are over 50 reviews of electronic resources also published in Reference Reviews – I like to think these are of some historical relevance showing as they do the shift from print to electronic and all the pain and joy that this entailed for the librarian, the information seeker and sometimes the policy-makers. Enjoy!

Google Scholar Citations

Google Scholar Citations




Lending to Learning book cover

Rónán O’Beirne From Lending to Learning – The development and extension of public libraries. 2010 Chandos Information Professional Series Chandos Publishing an imprint of Woodhead Publishing Ltd., Cambridge. ISBN 9781843343882.  – 216 pages  234 x 156mm  paperback £45.00 / US$75.00 / €55.00


“It is important to emphasise that the discourse and the arguments in the text are wide ranging and contain both a lot of information and challenging observations that go directly to the heart of the role of public libraries.” Journal of Librarianship and Information Science Dec 2011

“… the book is easy to digest and is recommended reading for professional library staff at managerial and supervisory levels …. LIS students will also find this work useful in providing an overview of learning theory and practical application. Australian Library Journal 60 (3) 2011.

“worth the investment and thorough reading by at least all public library managers as a catalyst for local, state and national debate” Australasian Public Libraries and Information Services 2011


“This book presents a challenge, both to the thinking professional, and the reviewer. The thrust of it is sound, and the author is careful to anticipate and address potential criticism of his views. It is the result of many years’ valuable experience and some very thoughtful and constructive reflection on that experience. The argument it presents is one of the more valuable and useful to public libraries in the current climate.

It crams a wealth of knowledge and experience into some 200 pages. Whilst the basic argument is simple, it requires a good deal of complex and detailed background, and the author does well to present this as concisely as he does. There are many places in the text where further elaboration is desirable – or necessary, indeed – but impossible in a book of this length and nature. It is to be hoped that it will act as a springboard for further research and discussion; likewise that it will spur library managers, professionals and service area directors into refocusing their services – which is urgently and critically necessary.

In the meantime, From Lending to Learning is a boost to our self-confidence, a call to arms, and a coherent defence of the importance of public libraries. It should be read by current professionals, library managers and students on LIS courses everywhere.” Tim Davies in Ariadne: Web Magazine for Information Professionals Issue 38 (2012).

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